Meet Our CEO & Founder

Ms. April Laster is a young, innovative leader and businesswoman on the rise to success with business titles such as CEO and founder of a nonprofit, executive producer and owner of a media brand, as well as a top partner to a leadership and development training company. Her communications experience contributes to her becoming the CEO and founder of a nonprofit organization called Open Heart Leaders. Open Heart Leaders is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization operating out of San Diego, CA, where it is a resource and network hub for underprivileged and urban communities. The sole purpose of Open Heart Leaders is to restore broken networks and funnel lost resources back into the communities that are often overlooked. Through many planned workshops and community activities as well as proper engagement, Open Heart Leaders plans to accomplish the goal of empowering, restoring, and building better relationships among communities. Currently, Open Heart Leaders is a leading agency in interactive discussions, mediation, counseling, and community forums. Open Heart Leaders also provides workshops and seminars with specified focal points for the communities it serves. With the motto: “Approaching Every Situation With An Open Heart,” April continues to lead this organization with love and compassion for others.


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