About OHL

Open Heart Leaders is a Network and Resource hub for underprivileged and urban communities. The business is structured to present and facilitate programs, workshops, courses, and meetings that help rebuild, restore and empower communities. Through the research of the communities it will be serving Open Heart Leaders prepares and caters uniquely structured plans of action for that specific location. With the help of local businesses and agencies it is the goal of Open Heart Leaders to create avenues and ways of funneling lost resources and networks back into the communities with the guidance of proper leadership. Open Heart Leaders is not a political or religious based business, it is strictly founded on serving humanity with specific goals, values, morals, and principals put into action. The business is a charitable nonprofit that will depend on government grants and funding as well as fundraising and donations to stay productive. Open Heart Leaders is also a first option for on the job training, team building exercises, and mediation sources catered to specific settings (i.e.: Schools, Churches, Businesses, and other groups).